| Scholarship Selection Process |

Burlington offers a variety of scholarships to BHS seniors and residents of Burlington. Scholarships vary based on college, major, residency, GPA, etc.  In terms of selection, applications primarily fall into three different categories. This document is a means for community members to understand how the various scholarships are selected. Also, on Scholarship Awards Night the awards program lists how each scholarship is selected.

  1.  Burlington Community Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars (BDSFDS) Awards:

Students must apply for a scholarship via the Burlington Community Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars website in order to be eligible for an award. After the student completes the online profile, the information is entered into the total pool of applicants. Then, a processing committee comprised of  Burlington High School staff, Burlington High School administration, and the chair of the BCSFDS will organize the scholarships based on criteria set by the donor and/or scholarship. The processing committee will make recommendations based on criteria as set forth by each individual scholarship. The primary criteria include, but are not limited to, factors such as: G.P.A, intended major, extra-curricular activities, teacher recommendations, community service, and essay.  After this process is complete, the Processing Committee will then recommend recipients to the Burlington Community Scholarship Foundation- Dollars for Scholars Awards Committee who will make the final selections.

  1. Private Donors that DO NOT have their own scholarship application and, as such, use the BHS General Scholarship Application: 

The Burlington High School Guidance Department collects the Burlington High School General Scholarship Application, which is available in the Scholarship section of Naviance. This application will include a release so we may share the application, transcripts, SAT scores, and other pertinent information with donors. The donor will inform the BHS Guidance Department of the specific criteria for the scholarship. Then, the BHS Guidance Department will send a list of applicants to the donor with their supplemental credentials. After reviewing the applications and credentials, the private donor then makes a selection for the scholarship. 

  1. Private Donors that HAVE their own scholarship applications, which are available through Naviance:

The Burlington High School Guidance Department collects all applications and attaches any required supplemental materials.  The next business day after the deadline, all materials are sent to the donor. After reviewing the applications and credentials, the private donor then makes a selection for the scholarship.

Naviance Scholarship list 

Dollars For Scholars

* Burlington High School and the Burlington Community Scholarship Foundation, Inc. insure equal scholarship opportunities regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation in compliance with Title VI and Title IX, Chapter 622, or handicap, in compliance with Section 504.