Statement From the BHS Leadership Team

Statement From the BHS Leadership Team

Dear Burlington High School Community,

The BHS Instructional Leadership Team condemns the abhorrent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless other Black lives lost to racial brutality. Black lives matter. We stand against all forms of racial discrimination, aggression, and violence. We acknowledge that these injustices are real, that they are recurring, and that they stem from lasting systems of oppression. We care for all of our students and their families and extend our support to all those who are suffering during this time of grief, frustration, and tragedy.

As educators and administrators, we acknowledge that educational institutions have perpetuated inequity for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). We accept the responsibility to bring about change at BHS, to confront racism, and advocate for justice for all. We recognize that we have not done enough and commit to educating ourselves and exploring and implementing actions that advance our efforts to ensure equity in our school.

The BHS Instructional Leadership Team pledges to:

  • Examine and revise the BHS curriculum to include equitable and authentic representation and highlight the indispensable contributions that people of color have made to the world; 

  • Identify our practices and programming that maintain systemic inequity and take the steps necessary to enact change;

  • Engage administration, faculty, and staff in ongoing professional development that ensures educators understand and implement equitable classroom practices that promote justice for all;

  • Create actively antiracist educational spaces that prioritize student voice;

  • Develop and communicate a clear protocol for addressing race-related issues that impact BHS community members;

  • Empower ourselves and our students to communicate and collaborate in ways that work toward solutions to the continued problems of inequity in the world; 

  • Model respect, empathy, and responsibility in our classrooms and develop meaningful opportunities for students to learn the power of these values;

We are committed to working toward positive change. Education has the power to make a real difference. There is much work to be done, and we accept the challenge. 

Mark Sullivan, BHS Principal

Rick Sheehan, BHS Associate Principal

Deb Deacon, BHS Associate Principal

Joseph Attubato, BHS Director of Counseling Services

Shaun Hart, BHS Associate Principal for Athletics

George Ratkevich, BHS Art & Design Program Coordinator

Shannon Janovitz, BHS English Department Chair

Todd Whitten, BHS Social Studies Department Chair

Katie Whitcomb, BHS Mathematics Department Chair

Callie Graham, BHS Teacher Librarian

Holly Potters, BHS Science Department Chair

Christina Cicolini, BHS Special Education Department Chair

Matt Jackling, District Coordinator for Health/PE 

Renee Dacey, BHS World Languages Department Chair

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