Business & Technology Program

The Business Department curriculum enables all students the opportunity to achieve 21st Century Learning Expectations and the school’s mission. The varied curriculum has been developed to guide students to begin their investigation of business at an introductory level working both independently and collaboratively as various topics of business and economic policies are explored. As students take additional business classes, more opportunities are available to work with the community through various class projects with local businesses; additionally, there are ample opportunities to go out into the community to present ideas both within class and with the co-curricular option of the DECA Club. The elements of the business curriculum allow students to think creatively and critically while demonstrating academic integrity which are essential skills in any workplace. The student experience will build confidence, character and a multitude of skills enabling them to be successful citizens and workers in the 21st century.

Pathway Programs
Students have the opportunity to join the Innovation Career Pathways programs in Business or Computer Science. Pathways are open to all students. Students engage in coursework and practical experiences related to their career goals.

Students will take two (2) college level business or computer science courses at BHS in addition to two (2) elective or exploratory courses. They will also complete an internship or 100 hour Capstone Project with industry mentors (Flipped Internship). Students receive additional career and academic planning in order to prepare them for career choices in business or computer science related fields.

Sample course sequence for Pathway Programs:
- Two exploratory or elective courses
- Two college level courses offered through Burlington High School
- Senior Internship (Capstone Project)