Family and Consumer Science

Burlington High SchoolArticulation Agreement for Child Development I & II

Students who have fulfilled the learning outcomes of Middlesex’s identified specialty area based on secondary level of coursework at Burlington High School’s Family and Consumer Sciences Department will be granted credits at Middlesex Community College as follows:

654 (CP) Childhood Development I
– and –
655 (CP) Childhood Development II

EDU 100 Introduction to Early Childhood Education (3 credits)

2. To receive credit for the above mentioned Middlesex Community College courses, students must:
a. graduate from Burlington High School
b. earn a minimum cumulative grade of “B-” (80%) in the Burlington High School
    courses noted above
c. meet all Middlesex admissions requirements and be a matriculated student in
    good standing
d. submit an official high school transcript documenting graduation to Middlesex
     Enrollment Services

3. Students may apply the articulated credit to any Middlesex Community College certificate or associate degree program that can accommodate the credit