World Language Program

The World Language program offers four languages: French, Italian, Latin, and Spanish. The program contains levels of instruction so that students may progress at a pace compatible with their aptitude.

The curriculum of the World Language Department is aligned with the Massachusetts Frameworks and the National Standards in World Languages. The aims of language study are to master the skills of effective communication (reading, writing, listening and speaking), and to develop an appreciation for other cultures. Instructional materials include texts, videos, audio and technology resources to complement each language program.

A minimum of two years of a single World Language offered at Burlington High School in consecutive years is required for graduation from Burlington High School. Two years of a single language is required for admission to the Massachusetts State Colleges. It should be understood that this is the minimum requirement and that most colleges give preference to students with extensive secondary school World Language preparation. For this reason, the World Language Department offers a four or five year course sequence and recommends that students continue their study for as long as possible.

Consistent with the school’s mission and 21st Century Learning Skills, students enrolled in all World Language courses are encouraged to develop skills that teach them accountability, adaptability and tenacity in their academic, social, and civic interactions. Students will acquire skills to generate their own questions regarding course content, including, but not limited to, the themes of personal and public identities, contemporary life, family and community relations, and world challenges. Students will be provided with opportunities to investigate independent topics of interest relating to culture, history, and the language being taught. Students will work both independently and collaboratively to solve problems regarding current events and topics of debate. Lastly, students will participate in a classroom environment where they are nurtured to act with integrity in all academic endeavors and to exhibit respect for themselves and empathy for others.

World Language courses offered at each grade level: