Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures



Instruction begins at 8:10 am
Dismissal at 12:45 pm

Grades 1-5
Instruction begins at 8:10 am
Dismissal at 2:15 pm

Students to school in the morning are required to use the access road on the right as you enter Fox Hill School.  Please drive around the building until you reach the end of the access road at the end of the playground. Students should exit the car from the left hand side and walk to the sidewalk.  For student safety, students are to exit from the first two cars in line only. Parents, please then follow the arrows to exit the parking lot using the last two rows of the lot.

If you are late for Morning Drop Off (after 8:10 am), please park in the main parking lot and walk your child into the front office to check in.

For parents in grades 1-5, pickup will begin at 2:15 pm.  Please follow the Fox Hill access road and the first car should stop parallel to the Fox Hill School recess doors.  Cars will form a single line and parents will remain in their cars. Teachers will walk all parent pickup students out to a designated spot at 2:15 pm and teachers will dismiss students one at a time to the first two cars in line.  Students will enter the car on the left hand side door. Once students are in the car and the car door is closed, proceed to the last two rows of the parking lot to exit.

For parents in Kindergarten, please follow the same pickup process as grades 1-5, but pickup will begin at 12:45 pm. 

If you will be sending a different driver to pick up your child, you must send a note to the classroom teacher stating the change of driver that includes their full name.  Students will not be dismissed to a different driver without a note from a parent.  

If you are late for Parent Pickup, please park in the main parking lot and come to the front office to pick up your child.

All students who walk home are dismissed through the main lobby.  They will exit the building quietly and stay on the sidewalk where they are met by the crossing guard.

If there will be a change in your child’s dismissal plan, please send in a note to your child’s classroom teacher on the day of the change.  If you have a change of plans that you were unaware of in advance, please call the school office as soon as possible. Due to scheduling, we can not accept changes in dismissal plans after 1:45 pm on the day of the change.

If your child will be going home on a different bus, for any reason, please send in a note to the classroom teacher.  The office will check to confirm that the alternate bus has enough room to accommodate the change. Due to space constraints, the buses cannot accommodate changes that will involve groups of larger than 3 students.  It is important to note that no child is allowed to take alternate transportation without written parent consent.