Weekly Bulletin - June 5, 2020

Weekly Bulletin - June 5, 2020

Information about student belonging PICK-UP

Happy Friday!  

Sharing a message of solidarity with our Francis Wyman community:

Burlington Public Schools

Francis Wyman School

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Burlington, MA  01803

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Nicole McDonald, Principal

Dear Burlington Elementary School Families:

Earlier this week, Dr. Conti and Mr. Larkin published a statement acknowledging the feelings of fear, anger, and hurt that the members of our community, especially our Black students and families, are feeling after the killing of George Floyd.  We want to take the time to reiterate that message and reassure families that we stand united as a school community offering a safe, accepting refuge for all children.  

At our elementary schools in Burlington, we embrace students’ individuality and diversity while collectively working to create an environment that promotes awareness and encourages opportunities for children to explore and address incidents of social injustice.  We all have a duty to dismantle racism, create change, and help establish a better climate of acceptance and human dignity for all.  We know we have a lot to learn and we must continue to look inside and out for ways to support every member of the black community.  I hope you will join us as we actively seek ways to unite together and stand in solidarity with our black community.

We recognize  these are trying times which require all of us to take the opportunity to address this challenging topic directly with our children.  We encourage you to engage in conversation with your children about the protests and these challenging social issues.  Here are some resources that may be helpful:  

How to Talk to about Race with Kids

Teaching Your Child Tolerance

How to talk to your children about protests and racism

How to talk to kids about race and racism, according to experts

Talking to Children About Racial Bias

Reputable News Sources - Web Evaluation & News Sources

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your school administration or the guidance staff if you need additional support or resources.


Nicole McDonald - Francis Wyman Principal

John Lyons - Pine Glen Principal

David Rosenblatt - Fox Hill Principal

Deb Dressler - Memorial Principal




Student Belonging Pick-Up

Teachers have been taking turns at school this week packing things up for the summer and the bags are ready to go!  We will be having 2 Pick-Up days next week for a family representative to come to school to pick up student belongings.

  • Tuesday, June 9th            9:00 am -12:00 noon
  • Wednesday, June 10th    12:00 noon - 3:00 pm

Please park in the back parking lot and follow the signs to enter/exit the gym at the designated doors.

Please wear a mask and help us social distance when you arrive to the FW gym. 

All bags are labeled and sorted by grade level for easy identification and staff will be available to help you find your children's belongings.

Please be sure to check out the Lost & Found tables on the sidewalk to grab any missing belongings you may be searching for.

Rented band instruments and classroom/library books may be dropped off in the designated areas during this time as well.  IPad returns will take place after the final day of school at Marshal Simonds Middle School (more details to follow).

If you are not able to come on the designated days, please email your child's teacher or Mrs. Conley at conley@bpsk12.org


Wink and Wave

Thursday, June 11th, 10 - 11am - Incoming K "Wink and Wave

Parents of incoming Kindergarten students and their families are welcome to drive through the front parking lot as kindergarten teachers greet the students with bright smiles and cheers.  This is an effort to allow new, incoming Kindergarten students to see the faces of the teachers they may have upon their arrival at their new school.  The PTO will be handing out K "swag bags" as the cars pass by as a welcome gift to kick off their entry into our Francis Wyman family.   Welcome aboard!


Grade 5 Promotional Drive-by

Friday, June 19th,  9 - 11am - Grade 5 Promotional Drive-by! 

Calling all fifth grade families... Please drive through the FW front lot as your teachers and FW staff cheer you on to MSMS.  Congratulations to all our 5th graders! Thanks again to the fabulous PTO for providing yearbooks and t-shirts in celebration of their accomplishments through the years here at Francis Wyman!


Regardless of whether we are live in school or continuing with our Distance Learning Plan, it still feels busy and chaotic like a typical June and the end of what has been a very unusual school year.  Next week is the final week of the formal Choice Board academic activities leaving us with the last week (June 15th-19th) to connect with students and families to help facilitate closure and the transition to summer break.  Hang in there families, we are almost to the finish line ~ even if the line seems a little less defined than usual.  We appreciate your continued support and collaborative efforts to make this remote learning experience as successful as possible for all of our children.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mrs. McDonald


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