Weekly Bulletin - May 15, 2020

Weekly Bulletin - May 15, 2020

News, info, and pictures from this week at FWS!

PTO News
PTO Raffle is off to a good start. Buy your tickets and support the PTO!  Click here http://franciswymanraffle.org  to join the fun!
Spirit Week - Reading in your favorite spot or under the sheets!
Can you guess my favorite reading spot? 

 ... in my garden! I hope you had as much fun as I did with this week's Spirit Week. Reading is one of my favorite things to do!  Where did you read this week?  Was it on your sofa?  at the table?  outside? all snuggly with a blanket?  Let's see!



Join us Sunday for the Virtual BEF Exercise for Education! 


Science Center Growing Contest Materials Pick up
Contest Introduction Video (also in link above): https://youtu.be/vpGGzwrj-Zo

Every other year the Science Center holds a growing contest for Burlington’s K-5 elementary students.  This year’s contest is cucumbers! Typically, every classroom K-5 receives a greenhouse growing kit from the center so each student can sprout their own plants to take home. Due to school closure, the Science Center will be doing a safe, no contact pick up of pots, soil and seeds for any interested families on Tuesday May 19th from 2-4pm at the front circle of the Burlington High School.  The Science Center will also hand out information about the challenge, growing tips and entry form. 

This challenge is also part of our remote learning assignment: Family Science Challenge: Plants: What do they need to grow?









I hope you all enjoyed the nicer weather this week and your children had a chance to go outside and soak up the sunshine & fresh air.

Please enjoy the weekend, it is well deserved!

My best ~ Mrs. McDonald

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