Burlington High Holds First Wellness Day

Burlington High Holds First Wellness Day

We often hear about the higher stress levels of high school students and the increased cases of depression in this ager group. After looking through the results of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey for Burlington High School students and seeing a similar trend, the staff and administration at BHS started to look for ways to intercede. One of the outcomes was the organization of the school's first Wellness Day.

This all took place yesterday when, instead of going through their normal schedules, students selected sessions that were put on by staff with the intention of giving students (and staff) a break to focus more on their personal well being. Each class had three sessions they could select and then a fourth session put on by the Improbable Players that was focused on promoting prevention and awareness of substance abuse.  

For a look at all of the offerings see below:

Wellness Day Schedule
Wellness Day Schedule 2
Wellness Day 3
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