Marshall Simonds ‘Family Coffee Hour’ has its perks

Marshall Simonds ‘Family Coffee Hour’ has its perks

Marshall Simonds Middle School’s “Family Coffee Hour,” parents and administrators say, is the perfect blend of feedback, conversation and information sharing for all members of the school community.

“Family Coffee Hour,” a recurring weeknight event open to all family members of MSMS students, provides families the opportunity to ask questions, provide suggestions and hear insight about what their children’s school day involves. Coffee is served, and attendees gather around for about an hour at the school to chat with Principal Cari Perchase and Assistant Principal Josh Murphy.

The perks of attending, parents Meghan Mercier and Karen Lavi said, include the ability to have a two-way conversation with school administrators to exchange ideas and learn more about what is happening in school.

Lavi said, “For me, the importance lies in the ability to sit face-to-face with the administration in an informal setting and ask questions or pass along information.”

Speaking of her daughter, Lavi said, “This gives me the best opportunity to keep my finger on the pulse of her day-to-day school environment.”

“It’s well worth my time and effort to get here, because it’s not much time or effort - and there’s actually coffee,” she said with a smile.

Mercier said “Coffee Hour” provides a more intimate setting for administrators to look for input.

She said of the administrators, “They hear what you’re saying … they’re taking it all into consideration.”

Perchase, who said the “Coffee Hour” events will continue throughout her time at Marshall Simonds, said, “It’s really important to take pause, sit and listen.”

“Relationships are really key,” she said.  

Perchase, who said all family members are heard at the “Coffee Hour” sessions, said, “I think this is a way that we gain trust. I think trust is something that is earned … I really see it as a beginning of a conversation.”

She said, “We’re a great school, and we want to continue to grow.”

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