MSMS PTO Fundraiser - Wednesday, November 28th!

MSMS PTO Fundraiser - Wednesday, November 28th!

At The Chateau in Burlington!

MSMS PTO is hosting a fundraiser at The Chateau in Burlington on Wednesday, November 28, 2018!


How it Works:

  1. On November 28th, 2018, visit the Chateau Restaurant Burlington for lunch, dinner or take-out and let your server or phone representative know that you are participating in the fundraiser and to FLAG YOUR CHECK. FOR ONLINE USE CODE: FUNDRAISER

  2. When paying your bill, double check that the word “FUNDRAISER” is noted on your check to insure your check is being included with the fundraiser. For online orders, double-check that the fundraiser code has been added to the order.

  3. After the event, we will contact you with your results. Your group will receive 20% of the total sales (before tax) from all the checks that were
    flagged for your fundraiser.


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