News from Marshall Simonds Middle School- September 21, 2018

News from Marshall Simonds Middle School- September 21, 2018

News from Marshall Simonds Middle School- September 21, 2018

September 21, 2018

The 2018-2019 school year is off to a great start!  Our educators have created positive learning environments and have been working hard to connect personally with your child.  As Mr. Murphy and I visit classrooms, we are seeing students begin to engage in learning experiences that are setting the foundation for learning for the year and beyond.  

New Website

We are pleased to announce that we’ve redesigned BPS’s district and school websites to serve you better. The websites will bring students, parents and community members news and information in a more concise, consistent fashion.

We now have a separate site from the town, and you can start at our new URL and then navigate to the individual school sites:

We’ll be continuing to update our websites, adding content in the form of photos, video, documentation and news. If you have questions or feedback, you can submit them via Quick Links located in the middle of the District and School Homepage.


Back to School Night- Grades 7 & 8

We are excited to provide families the opportunity to meet their child’s teachers and learn about the curricular program that Marshall Simonds Middle School offers all students.  The evening will begin at 6:30 pm in the Auditorium and end at 8:15 pm.


Marshall Simonds Middle School

Back to School Night- Grades 7 and 8

September 26, 2018




6:30 pm- 6:55 pm


Administrative Team’s Welcome (Auditorium)

7:00 pm- 8:00 pm

Team Meetings

Team 7A (Room C7)

Team 7B (Room D104)

Team 7C (Room C8)

Team 8A (Room D201)

Team 8B (Room D202)

Team 8C (Learning Commons)
8:00 pm- 8:15 pm


Classroom Walkthroughs





Late Buses

We are excited to continue to offer students a late bus two days a week. The late bus can be used by students who have stayed for after school activities, such as staying for extra help with a teacher or participating in an extracurricular program or club. This year, late buses will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The buses will leave the middle school between 3:10 pm and 3:15 pm and depending on the number of students riding the bus, they may take up to an hour to complete their respective routes.   Late buses will begin to run on Tuesday, September 25, 2018.

Math Olympiad

Marshall Simonds will be offering the Math Olympiad Program for all grade levels.  The 6th grade team will be led by Rob Emerson while the combined 7th/8th grade team will be led by Jennifer Tate.  Both teams will work on advanced mathematics and problem solving strategies to prepare for monthly contests. The program will run mid October through mid March.  (Students in the robotics team may still participate in this program.) The Math Olympiad Screening Test is Tuesday, October 2nd in the cafeteria (7:40-8:25). Students should report to the cafeteria following the morning announcements and bring pencils.  A letter will be mailed home explaining your child’s results and additional program details. The Program will begin on Tuesday, October 16th and run from 1:55-3:15. Late buses will be provided if needed.

Dropping Off Items in the Office

It is expected that students come to school with the materials and assignments that they need in order to be successful and that all after school plans be made before arriving to school. We encourage families to develop routines with their child that help them come to school prepared. This may include sending your child with extra materials for them to keep in their locker or keeping money in your child's lunch account in case they forget their lunch. We understand that at times a book, assignment, or lunch may be forgotten at home or that after school plans may change due to an unforeseen event. Calling into classes with messages or to pick up items that have been dropped off can be incredibly disruptive to the learning environment. In order to minimize disruptions to the learning environment, we will not call into classes for items that are dropped off in the office. If a student calls home for the forgotten item and a family member is able to bring it to school, it is the student's responsibility to pick up the item in the main office during a transition time.  We have a bin in the office for forgotten lunches and we have a system in place to bring those lunches to the cafeteria where students may pick them up.

Cell Phones

Cell phones can be an extremely helpful communication tool and many families are comforted to know that they can contact their child after school through the use of a cell phone. While useful, cell phones can also create a distraction to student learning and can cause a disruption to the learning environment. This week, during our meetings with students, Mr. Murphy and I shared our expectations regarding cell phones.  Students at Marshall Simonds Middle School are expected to keep their cell phones turned off and put away throughout the school day. Students are encouraged to lock their cell phone in their locker to minimize distractions. We ask that you remind students that they should not be using their cell phone during the school day. We also ask that you refrain from texting students during the day. If a child needs to contact their family during the day, they may use the phone in the office. This allows us to make sure that we know when a student may not be feeling well and provide necessary supports.  Thank you for your support and assistance in this matter.

Homework Helpers

Homework Helpers is a program that involves high school students helping middle school students with their homework. The high school students log their hours and get community service credit for college applications and resumes.  The parents of the middle schoolers call or email the high school students to set up the location and time. Most students start off in the library and, if mutually agreed upon and if there is supervision, the high school students go to the home--or they just stay at the library all year. It is up to you to figure out the logistics. The high school students log the hours and the parents sign the log. At the end of the year, the hours are approved as community service hours through Guidance.  Last year we did have several parents hire the students over the summer and many parents showed their appreciation to the high schoolers at the end of the year with gifts, but generally this program is strictly volunteer and done for the purpose of getting community service hours. More importantly, it is a program that helps struggling middle school students get their homework done so that they are not spending hours on it after a long school day. Many of the high school students are interested in becoming teachers. Notebooks, agendas, binders and all relevant information should be easily available for the high school students. I am also here all year to support you. My email is Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns. It is up to you to make the connection and work out the details after you get the names.


Save the Date- October 17, 2018

The Burlington Education Foundation and Marshall Simonds Middle School PTO is partnering to bring A Project Safe Childhood presentation to Burlington.  The presentation titled, Keeping Children Safe & Secure Online is intended for parents and guardians of children of all ages. Please mark your calendars.  More details will follow soon.

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