Transportation & Procedures

Homeroom Start Time: 7:35 AM
1:55 PM
Early Release: 
10:15 AM
Two Hour Delay Start Time:
9:35 AM

Bus Schedules

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Parent / Guardian Pick-up and Drop-Off Procedures
The safety and well-being of our students is always our number one priority. Parent pick-up and drop off takes place in the Lusas Loop located off of Peach Orchard Road. Below are some notes regarding morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up procedures.

Drop Off

  • The school opens at 7:15 AM.  Students should not be dropped off prior to the school opening.
  • Drivers should pull up as far forward along the straightaway, as possible.  
  • Students only exit the vehicle when it is stopped safely in the area marked in green. 
  • Students dropped off after school starts (7:35 am) must be dropped off at the main entrance and will be marked tardy.
  • In order to get to school on time and reduce the morning traffic volume, students are encouraged to ride their assigned bus in the mornings.

    Drop Off Procedure Map

Pick Up

  • Students who are being picked up should only be exiting the building via the auditorium doors on the Lusas Loop.
  • Cars should form a single file line in the Lusas Loop.
  • The first car in line should pull as far forward as possible along the straightaway.  As cars pull away, the line should continue to pull as far forward as possible.
  • Students should only enter cars that are in the Lusas Loop and parked in the area marked in green on the map.
  • If the Lusas Loop is full when cars are entering from Peach Orchard, they should follow the flow of traffic as indicated in red on the map and continue the single file line.
  • After 2:05 pm, once the buses have left, students should be picked-up in the front of the building. At 2:05 pm, any students still awaiting their ride at the Lusas Loop will be relocated to the main office and can be picked up at the Main Entrance.

    Pick Up Procedure Map

Late Bus & After School Activity Pick-up
This year late buses are available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. We have three late buses that cover the town of Burlington. This information can be be found on the Bus Schedule Page. Buses will leave the middle school around 3:15pm and may take close to an hour to complete their routes, depending on how many students are riding the buses. Since late buses run later than MSMS main office hours please contact Trombly Bus Company if you have any questions about arrivals and departures. 978-664-1277 ext. 5 for Dispatch

If you are picking up your child after school, please follow the regular student pick-up procedure on Peach Orchard Street. Families are not allowed to enter the bus loop at the front of the building to pick-up until 3:30 pm, after the late buses have left. Thank you for your assistance in keeping our students safe.