Middlesex Community College - College For Kids!

Middlesex Community College - College For Kids!

Bedford & Lowell Campuses
July 8th to August 15th!


NEW & Expanded Program Offerings!

Explore Careers, Gain New Knowledge, Develop New Skills

Middlesex Community College provides children with an exciting range of unique opportunities. Children make new friends and gain confidence as we provide a safe and exciting place to learn using the vast open spaces in Bedford and the cultural and ethnic resources in Lowell. Some of programs include:

Minecraft (Ages 8-12)

Coding for Kids (Ages 8-12)

Lego Mindstorms EV (Ages 8-11)

Veterinary Medicine (Ages 8-11 & 12-16)

Frozen Jr. (Ages 8-15)

Medical Laboratory Science (Ages 12-16)

Farm to Table: Healthy Eating (Ages 10-15)

Career Exploration (Ages 12-17)

Fashion Design (Ages 12-16)

Creative Sculpture (Ages 8-12)

And many more!

For more information visit: www.middlesex.mass.edu/collegeforkids/

Questions or concerns please contact:
Lauren Ellis, Program Manager
(781) 280-3669 or 3663 ellisl@middlesex.mass.edu

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