Change in Dismissal Plans

Change in Dismissal Plans

Please get familiar with Memorial's new plans for dismissal...

In the interest of safety, on any day that a child’s routine transportation plans are altered, a note must be written and signed by a parent or guardian to the classroom teacher to describe the change. Occasionally an emergency situation arises during the day that necessitates a change. If such an emergency should arise and it is necessary to change your child’s transportation plans during the school day, please contact the office by phone (781-270-1721) before your child’s scheduled lunchtime to ensure that his or her teacher receives the information.

Do not call the teacher directly, or email requests, as these messages may not be received before the end of the day. Please understand that due to the busy-ness of dismissal time and our concern about student safety, students cannot be dismissed without your sending in a note to the teacher or notifying the office before students’ scheduled lunch time. Buses are held until all children are accounted for, impacting the timely departure of the buses and students’ arrival time at home.

Thank you in advance for helping us to keep “Memorial Kids” safe by informing us of changes well before dismissal time.

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