Important Please Read

Important Please Read



May 7, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,


I hope this email finds you and your loved ones safe and sound. A few short months ago I had never heard of the terms, social distancing, N95 masks, herding immunity or virus-exposure tracking. The thought of using gloves and a face covering while following arrows in the aisles of grocery stores seemed impossible... yet here we are.


I want to acknowledge the enormous effort families have been putting into supporting the remote learning efforts at Memorial School. Trying to balance the multitude of personal and professional scenarios that families are in have always been in our mind as we rolled out different phases of our remote learning plan . Phase one was the initial two week period when we let everyone take a collective breath and get settled into our new reality. For the   past six weeks, phase two got started with the creation of the Burlington Schools Remote Learning site. Teachers established routines using google meets and focused on reviewing and enriching learning standards.  Phase three will begin Monday May 11, 2020. This phase will focus on “power standards” that have been identified by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, to be NEW learning for the remainder of the school year.


 If possible, I am asking that you encourage your child/children to continue to attend classroom google meet times, listen to newly recorded lessons and participate by posting schoolwork and joining  teacher office hours.  Teachers are working hard to create lessons that will keep your child/children motivated to learn. One thing I know for sure is...principals, teachers, parents and kids are all feeling quarantine fatigue.  I know my staff is prepared for a month more of teaching and learning, I hope you are too! If this is not possible for your family that is OK too. We will be here to help your child/children gain the skills they need to advance academically and socially when we return next year. I wish you all a few moments of peace and refuge during this turbulent time. 

Better days ahead,

Deb Dressler

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