News from Marshall Simonds Middle School- August 28, 2020

News from Marshall Simonds Middle School- August 28, 2020

August 28, 2020


This week, we were excited to welcome teachers back this week as we continue to plan for our students' safe return!  We know that you typically have more specific information from us about teacher/team placements.  We truly appreciate your patience!  We have made an incredible amount of progress on our schedule and plan on mailing home cohort, team, and teacher placements next week.

Device Distribution

Burlington Public Schools are excited to provide students with an iPad for use in school and during remote learning.  Before we are allowed to distribute an iPad, Burlington Public Schools requires that families complete a 1:1 iPad Statement of Responsibility form.  In this form, there is a required video explaining the BPS 1:1 iPad program, information about liability and optional (highly recommended) device insurance, and the BPS student responsible use policy.  

We also need students to have access to their school Google Account.  The current passwords should be set to the student’s initials and their LASID.  The formula is lowercase first initial + lowercase last initial + 6 digit LASID.  For example, jm123456.  The accounts were reset over the summer and we are asking that students try to login in to their account from home prior to pick up. If you have trouble logging into your account, please message the MSMS Instructional Technology Specialist, Mrs. O’leary at for support.

Students in grades 7 and 8 are receiving a brand new iPad and brand new keyboard cases, which we are excited about.  However, the shipment of keyboard cases has been impacted by the current health crisis and has been delayed until late September.  Since the devices are new and have different dimensions, existing cases we have in inventory will not fit this new model iPad.  

Families of students in grades 7 & 8 have two options:  

  • Option 1 - We can still distribute the device to you.  We will include the cardboard box the device was shipped in, which will provide some protection.  However, it is important to understand that you are assuming liability for accidental damage to the device and there is additional risk involved due to the fact that the device does not have a case.

  • Option 2 - If you have a device at home that your student can use until the cases arrive, you can forgo the iPad pickup for now and we will distribute your iPad when the cases arrive.  We will still allow your student to use the uncased iPad in school if they are engaging in the hybrid learning model, but the device will remain in school.

Students in grade 6 will be able to pick up their school issued iPad and case without delay.  We have planned the distribution date to allow grade 6 students to have their device before our WEB Orientation Day!


Distribution Dates and Times

We will have a drive through pick-up from 12:00-2:00 and 5:00-6:30 on the following dates:


Thursday, 9/3

Grade 6 and any older siblings in grades 7 & 8


Tuesday, 9/8

Grades 7 & 8


We will not distribute a device unless the forms (see link above) have been previously completed.


News from Our Nurses’ Office

As with many of our other procedures, medication drop off will be conducted differently this year. For safety reasons, medication drop off will be held outside at the front entrance of the building on September 1st and 2nd. Please bring all of the required paperwork and medications during the drop off. There will be a table set up where we will confirm that paperwork and medical supplies are complete. We ask that you wear a face covering during drop off. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Medication drop off times will be as follows:


Tuesday, September 1st from 10am-12pm 

Wednesday, September 2nd from 12pm-2pm


If you cannot make it during any of these times, please reach out to one of the school nurses to set up a separate opportunity. 


School Calendar 

The District has not yet published a calendar for the entire school year.  We do want to provide you with the dates that we have confirmed so that you are able to begin to plan.   


The first day of school will be Thursday, September 10.  The current circumstances have prevented us from providing our incoming grade 6 students with our typical transition experiences.  In order to support our 6th grade students transition to the middle school, we will be offering a “soft opening” (please see below).


Thursday, September 10th:

Grade 6 students assigned to Hybrid Cohort A will be physically in-person 

Grade 6 students assigned to Hybrid Cohort B will be distance learning from home (following a distance learning schedule)

Grade 7 & 8 students will be distance learning from home (following an in-person schedule)


Friday, September 11th:

Grade 6 students assigned to Hybrid Cohort A will be distance learning from home (following a distance learning schedule)

Grade 6 students assigned to Hybrid Cohort B will be physically in-person 

Grade 7 & 8 students will be distance learning from home (following an in-person schedule)


Monday, September 14th:

All students will follow their assigned schedule 


Back to School Nights

As we enter into the school year, it will be necessary to reimagine some of our typical family outreach events.  This year, we are planning on hosting three separate Virtual Back to School Nights for families.  More information will be shared as we get closer to these dates.


Grade 6, Thursday, September 24

Grade 7, Tuesday, September 29

Grade 8, Thursday, October 1

Grade 6 WEB Orientation

We are excited for hosting our first annual VIRTUAL WEB Orientation Day and we would like to thank the Burlington Education Foundation for their generous support in bringing WEB to Marshall Simonds Middle School.   WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) is a program with the sole purpose of helping incoming students feel more comfortable as they transition to middle school.  The WEB Program usually consists of an in-person activity based orientation day that welcomes incoming 6th grade students to the middle school, while providing them with important information about the school. This year, we are switching this important event to a virtual orientation. Incoming 6th grade students will be assigned an 8th grade WEB Leader who will continue to support the 6th grade students throughout the year.  This WEB Leader is a responsible older student who was selected from a large pool of applicants, has met the qualifications of being a good role model and a positive leader in our school, and has participated in training.

This year’s VIRTUAL WEB Orientation Day will take place through Google Meet on Tuesday, September 8th from 1:00 - 2:30pm.  While it is not a required event, we feel that having our Grade 6 students have an opportunity to connect with leaders in our community and with other incoming Grade 6 students is a vital piece for a successful middle school transition.  As we get closer to September 8th, we will follow up with Grade 6 families regarding the Google Meet details.

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