Office & Administration

Main office: 781-270-1781 ext. 0

Absent/Tardy Line: 781-270-1781 ext. 1
Please call your student in for any absences or if your student will be late for school by 8:30 am. If the office does not receive a call we will call a parent/guardian to check on your student.

The office hours are:
Monday - Friday 7am to 3pm

For emergencies after hours, please email one of the administrators.

Our Administrative Staff:
Cari Perchase, Principal,
Jennifer Chen Fein, Assistant Principal,
Josh Murphy, Assistant Principal,
Jaclyn Vigneau , Special Education Team Chair,

Our Office Secretaries:
Cheryl Bianchi,
Anisha Shaikh,

Notes for bus changes and dismissals:
Notes from home are needed for afternoon bus changes and dismissals.  Students should bring those notes to the office on their way into school in the morning.  Bus change notes are logged and stamped. Students are given a dismissal pass for dismissal notes.

For afternoon dismissals, prior to 1:30pm parents/guardians may park in front of the building to pick up your student.  After 1:30pm, parents/guardians must park on the Peach Orchard Road Loop and walk across the grass to pick up their student in the main office.