Welcome Back Pine Glen!

Welcome Back 2021/2022 School Year
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Dear Pine Glen Community,

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year at Pine Glen Elementary! Everyone at the school is excited to start school on August 30th for grades 1-5. All our staff and students bring to Pine Glen gifts, talents, and diversity that our community celebrates. Our entire staff is committed to every student, every day. We love our students and start each year with a high level of enthusiasm as we know we will see growth and transformation throughout the school year. The sense of joy I receive when a student shares with me a skill they have mastered or an accomplishment they have achieved is unmeasurable.

We will have 272 students enrolled in the building for the 2020-2021 school year. Kindergarten’s first day of school will be on September 9th (Kindergarten Orientation is September 1st). Students can be dropped off starting at 7:55 am. Instruction starts at 8:10 am. Dismissal will be at 2:15.

If driving students to school, please note that vehicles will enter on Pine Glen Way and follow the route past the main entrance of the building to the sidewalk peninsula with the tree. This was the route cars followed last year. After dropping off or picking up students, vehicles will exit on Pine Glen Way. Buses will be doing arrivals and departures on Gardner Way like last year.

Parents and guardians can not let students be unsupervised or have them leave a vehicle before 7:55 am. When students leave a vehicle or bus, they will enter the building at different locations based on grade like last year. Upon entering the building students will go to their classroom. Staff will be outside and teachers will be looking in the hallways to help students find their classrooms. Parents, relatives, and friends can not escort or follow students up to their classrooms in order to keep us safe.

Entrance and exiting locations from the building for drop-off and pick-up are the same as last year.

Students in grades kindergarten and first will enter the doors on the first floor of the classroom wing of the building.
Students in second and third grade will go up the stairs and enter the doors on the second floor of the classroom wing.
Students in fourth and fifth grade will enter the doors in the hallway closest to the classroom wing.

Dismissal will follow the same route as drop-off. Students will be dismissed and wait for pickup outside in front of the building. Please make students know the vehicle they will be leaving in and the person picking them up. Students will inform teachers of their vehicles and then proceed to them. Please do not text while in the line and be overly alert of the cars and people around you.

All students and staff will be required to wear a mask within the building. Mask breaks are built into the student day. Teachers will use their discretion as to the exact time number of mask breaks a day. For example, if it is hot and humid a teacher might offer more breaks than a typical day.

Dress for the Weather
Please dress students in accordance with the weather that day. For example, if it is raining please have a raincoat for your children. We will try to be outside as much as possible every day.

Staff Changes
I would like to thank Barbara and her custodial staff for all their hard work this summer in preparing the building for the start of school. I would also like to thank Mrs. Gosselin for all her help with the vast number of clerical items which need to be accomplished prior to school. Likewise, I want to thank all our staff at Pine Glen for their remarkable support and professionalism.

We are pleased to welcome new staff members to our Pine Glen community. Joslyn Underhill, Erin Cahill, Deanna Torres, and Jennifer Plaisted are joining us as special education instructional assistants. Emilie Manna will be joining us in a new role as a Special Needs Teacher. Maely Castro is our new English as a Second Language Teacher. We wish to congratulate Ms. Mills and Ms. Granoff who both celebrated weddings this summer. Ms. Mills will now be Mrs. Coppola and Ms. Granoff will be Mrs. Gilberg.

Open House
In order to ensure safety our schools Open House will be held virtually like last year. The following schedule has the dates and times for different grades.

Virtual Open House

Kindergarten - 9/13 6:00 PM
First Grade - 9/13 6:30 PM
Second Grade - 9/13 7:00 PM
Third Grade - 9/14 6:00 PM
Fourth Grade - 9/14 6:30 PM
Fifth Grade - 9/14 7:00 PM

We all can’t wait to see our students on Monday and promote a lifelong love of learning! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

John Lyons, M.S. Ed.