DEI Student Advisory

Why is this Advisory important?
Student Voice, Student Ideas, Student Leadership

What will this Advisory do?
ensure student voice on equity initiatives. Identify areas for celebration and improvement, inform, educate and signal the importance of equity and inclusion to the community.

How will this Advisory do it?
Student Collaboration w/district, parents, faculty and school leaders
Implementation of initiatives & Learning Events
Modeling best practices in communication, seeking understanding and shared responsibility

The DEI- student Advisory is composed of 10th, 11th and 12th grade students. The DEI-Student advisory membership process includes a short essay and requires teacher recommendation and students ability to commit to weekly after-school meetings and other outside of class commitments.

DEI Student Voices

From the voices of our Burlington high school DEI Student members...

Why is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion important to you?

"Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are important to me for many reasons.  
To start, Diversity is important to me because I want others around me to share why something or someone might be affecting a community that I am not a part of. I believe that a sense of diversity within a community helps restore and strengthen society. We can all learn about different cultures, history, hardships, and recoveries through diversity. 

Equity is important to me as well because it affects us the most right now. In this modern-day world, men get paid 80% more than women for doing the same job. Just because those two people have the same job, it doesn’t mean equity for those two people. Equality means everyone gets treated the same. But, we must all start at the same place. Which is difficult to do when you get treated differently from birth. But equity means making sure everyone gets equal opportunities no matter who they are or where they start.

Lastly, Inclusion is important to me because no one is alike. We all are different even if you cannot tell from first glance. I am disabled and bisexual. I want my voice on disability matters to be heard, I want my voice on LGBTQ+ matters to be heard. But, not only heard but understood by those who also voice similar opinions to mine. That is why diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is important to me. "


"As an Indian American, diversity, equity, and inclusion are important to me because these are the key ideas to create a safe, inclusive, and inspiring environment where everyone can be celebrated no matter their background. The Burlington Public School system has made an effort to push for more diversity, equity, and inclusion across the school systems. I would be honored to help make this push since I have seen these problems occur as a student. In the past, I have faced racism being an Indian American. My thoughts and opinions were seen as invalid because of my ethnicity. A school community needs to push for diverse students and make them feel comfortable. We should include all students and give them equal opportunities. Forming an environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion are apparent will help form an inspiring community that will innovate and encourage others."